12 Unique Date Ideas

12 Unique Date Ideas

If you are going on a first date, dinner is normally a good enough plan – but if you’ve been dating for a while, you may start to realise that you are running out of date ideas. After all, it can be difficult to think of new, fun places to go… but thankfully we have your back. We have scoured the internet for fun date ideas, and chosen the best for you.

Here are 12 unique date ideas.


1. Take a day road trip

Pick a city or town that isn’t too far from you and over to explore. Try to find a scenic route so that you can enjoy the drive, and then spend the day exploring a new area.


2. Try birdwatching

Some of the most fun, romantic activities are outdoors, and this includes birdwatching. You don’t need to be mad about birds; just head to a park that offers birdwatching walks, or sit in your back garden and see if you can name the birds.


3. Make homemade pizzas

Buy some pizzas bases and get creative with the pizza toppings. You could even try making a dessert pizza!


4. Dress up and go somewhere fancy

Put on your fanciest clothes and head to a luxurious bar. Try a few cocktails together – but remember not to overspend, especially if you are on a budget!


5. Do a DIY project together

Go on Pinterest and find a fun DIY project, and then try to complete it together.


6. Spend the night camping

Get your tent (or borrow one from a friend if you don’t have one) and set it up in the back garden. Light a fire and toast marshmallows, and consider taking a break from technology. This will give you the chance to truly connect with each other!


7. Shop for each other

Head to the local store, set a budget of $10 (or £10!) and buy things for each other.


8. Do something risky

Take a risk and try skinny dipping, or something else that you shouldn’t really be doing. This will bring you together, and it will make for a great story in the future!


9. Go fruit picking

Go berry picking or apple picking. This will give you the chance to really talk to each other.


10. Go to a local museum

Show your date your local museum so that they learn more about your hometown.


11. Go stargazing

Stargazing may seem like a cliché date idea, but this is because it is so romantic! And don’t worry if you don’t know any of the constellations; you can download the Night Sky app to work out what you are looking at.


12. Rent a car

If you don’t have a car consider renting one and going for an adventure. You could explore your area, or you could plan a fun weekend break.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson