10 Unique Date Ideas

10 Unique Date Ideas

When it comes to the first date, most people prefer to keep things simple. A bar or a coffee shop will do the trick – but after a few dates, it is likely that you will want to do something more than just drink together. But what if you’re looking for more unique date ideas?

There are actually lots of unique date ideas that are both memorable and affordable. Here are 10 unique date ideas for you and your crush.


1. 10 Unique Date Ideas: Check Out The Local Museums

Most cities have a handful of free museums that are open five days a week, so you and your date could check out the museum that interests you the most. And don’t worry if you’ve been before; most exhibits are constantly changing, and they often host evening events and shows that are perfect for date night.


2. Take A Short Road Trip

Think of a cool destination around an hour away from you live, and drive there together. It could be thrift market or a farm where you can pick apples; either way, we suggest going for something that is fairly different to the events in your own town!


3. Make Pizzas

Buy ingredients and make homemade pizzas together. This is fairly cheap, and pizzas are very simple to make so you don’t need any cooking experience.


4. Stargaze

Is there going to be a clear nights sky in the near future? If so, schedule a stargazing date (and don’t forget to bring lots of blankets). You may also want to download the Night Sky app so you can look for constellations together.


5. Complete A DIY Project Together

Find a fun DIY project on Pinterest, and then make it together.


6. Go Camping Together

Consider borrowing tent from a family member or a friend and set up for the night. You could visit a local wood or forest, but no problem if there isn’t one near you; you can always set up in your backyard!


7. Try Bird-Watching

Get outdoors with your date and try bird-watching. This might seem a little out-dated, but in reality it can be a lot of fun; all you need to do is Google birds native to your area and see what you can find.


8. Buy For Each Other

Head to a thrift shop and buy each other outfits and gifts. This is sure to be a lot of fun, and you might even find a meaningful gift that your date will love.


9. Rent A Car Together

If one of you has a driving license you could hire your dream car and go for a ride together. Simply put on a great playlist and explore the city in your dream car.


10. Have A Fancy Date Night

Make a bar date more interesting by dressing up and going to an ultra-fancy bar (such as a hotel bar). Enjoy some swish cocktails together, and head somewhere cheaper after a few drinks.

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