10 Totally Free Date Ideas

10 Totally Free Date Ideas


A dinner date with flowers is a lot of fun, but it can also be expensive. If you want to have a great date without spending any money, don’t worry – it is very easy to do!

Some of the most romantic and exciting date ideas are totally free. Here are 10 free date ideas that show that love doesn’t cost a thing.


1. Explore your city

Explore your city with your date to see all of the cool neighbourhoods and venues. You can show your date all of your favorite landmarks, or you could get a bus and get off at a random stop so that you two can explore. This romantic date is relaxed and informal – and it could last all day!


2. Spend an evening at your local museum

Look online to see if any museums near you hold an evening with free admission. Most museums and art galleries have a few free nights a month when anyone can visit and look around, and they often offer free drinks too. This is a sophisticated date that gives you and your date something to talk about – perfect for a first date.


3. Go to a free outdoor concert

In summer, cities often hold free concerts in local parks. These evenings are cultural, scenic and perfect for music lovers. Bring a bottle of wine and some strawberries to make the evening even more romantic.


4. Swap skills with each other

Does your date have an interesting skill? Maybe they can cartwheel, or maybe they speak a second language. Ask them to help to teach you their skill, then return the favour by teaching them a skill of your own. This fun date is guaranteed to result in laughs (even if you don’t quite master their skills!)


5. Have a movie night

Instead of spending lots of money at the movies on popcorn and drinks, stay home and watch your all-time favorite film with your date. You can talk about your favorite films and take turns picking movies. If you don’t like movies, show your date the first episode of your favorite TV show. This is a great way to bond while relaxing – and it is pretty intimate, too!


6. Watch the sunset

Watching the sun set is a classic romantic date, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Wait for a clear evening, then pack a blanket and drive to a scenic location to watch the sun go down. If the date is a success, you can stay for a few more hours stargazing!


7. Go on a free brewery tour

Lots of breweries offer free tours, and most come with free samples! Take your date to a brewery and learn all about your favorite beer. If beer isn’t your thing, wineries also offer free tours.


8. Have a games night

Spend the night at home with your date playing your favorite childhood board games – who doesn’t love a round of Scrabble? If board games aren’t your thing, try playing video games instead. This date might get a little competitive, but it is guaranteed to be fun!


9. Have a picnic at the park

Spend a sunny afternoon in your local park having a picnic date. Pack sandwiches, snacks and drinks so you have enough supplies for the whole afternoon, and spend the afternoon getting to know each other. Try to keep your phones out of sight!


10. Go hiking

If you and your date like being active, consider going on a hiking date. You can choose a trail that is scenic and make it an evening hike – the views will be beautiful as the sun sets!

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