10 things you didn’t know about Robert Pattison

10 things you didn’t know about Robert Pattison


British actor Robert Pattison is best known for his role as vampire Edward Cullen in 2008 film Twilight. Since then he has starred in four more Twilight films and become an A-list celebrity, but he continues to live a private lifestyle.

However, we managed to find some interesting facts about his life and career. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about Robert Pattison.


1. Robert has two older sisters, and as a child they used to dress him up and call him Claudia. (If there is any photographic evidence of this, we would love to see it!)


2. Did you think Robert suited the role of Edward in Twilight? If you didn’t, you weren’t alone – over 75,000 people signed a petition to say that they didn’t think he was right for the role. He went on to be the star of the film, and we bet that many of the people changed their minds when they saw the film!


3. Robert Pattison may be gorgeous, but he is pretty clumsy; he injured himself during the very first shot of Twillight. “I wasn’t even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen Stewart and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn’t been doing enough squats,” the actor said. “It was very embarrassing.”


4. If you like tall men, prepare to swoon; Robert is 6’1!


5. Lots of women appreciate a nice behind, and Robert’s is one of the best. He actually used to do butt modelling (yes, you read correctly) and he has been a butt double for lots of different actors.


6. He isn’t big on hair washing; he once told Metromix that his hair starts to wash itself after six weeks. Nice!


7. If you like a bad boy, Robert Pattison is perfect for you; he was expelled from school for not doing his homework.


8. Robert is also a very talented musician, and some of his songs were featured in the first Twilight movie. The director actually said the songs made her cry, as they were so moving!


9. Mr Pattison’s skills don’t end at actor and musician; he was also the executive producer for 2010 film Remember Me. He also starred in the film!


10. When Robert isn’t acting, producing or singing, he enjoys watching the TV show Cops. He said in a recent interview; “I love Cops. It’s my favorite TV show.”

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