10 Rules For Online Dating

10 Rules For Online Dating

The unsaid rules of dating have changed over the last decade. In the past it was all about playing hard to get and being chivalrous, but online dating has changed things slightly!

Here are 10 rules for online dating.


1. Modesty Will Get You Nowhere

Lots of people are very modest on their dating profile, saying things like “I’m not very good at writing about myself”, but this won’t help you to get matches. This is because putting yourself down won’t make you seem attractive to others – instead write about yourself with confidence!


2. But Don’t Brag!

Confidence is attractive…but bragging isn’t, so avoid any statements that sound too ostentatious (such as “my friends can’t believe I am single!”).


3. Without A Picture You Won’t Have Much Of A Chance

If you don’t upload a picture, it is very unlikely anyone will be seriously interested, so make sure you have a profile picture.


4. …But One Picture Isn’t Great Either

If you really want to find someone, you should upload at least two pictures. This will make your profile more engaging, and it will also give other people a more accurate impression of what you look like in real life.


5. Don’t Use Outdated Pictures

It can be tempting to use older pictures that you think are flattering, but it is better to use pictures that show what you really look like now.


6. Don’t Use Boring Clichés

Lots of people use boring clichés on their dating profile, but this will just make your profile seem generic and unmemorable. So try to use interesting, original statements that will make your profile more memorable.


7. Don’t Say Someone Else Wrote Your Profile

Saying “my friend helped me to write my profile” can make it seem like you are not serious about finding someone (because you can’t be bothered writing your own profile), so avoid using this statement.


8. Don’t Bring Up Emotional Baggage

Everyone has past relationships and personal hang ups, but you shouldn’t write about this on your profile. After all, you don’t want to be defined by your past relationships!


9. Don’t Write A Wish List

You should also avoid including a wish list on your profile, as this will make you seem picky and shallow.


10. Don’t Expect Instant Messages

Remember that it can take a while to find someone who is a good match for you. This can feel disheartening, but it is better than constantly messaging people that you don’t actually have anything in common with.

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