10 More Rules For Online Dating

10 More Rules For Online Dating

Online dating has changed lots of common dating rules – so if you want to make sure you have a successful online dating experience, it can be useful to learn the new, updated rules.

Here are 10 more rules for online dating.


1. Don’t Play Hard To Get

If you are looking for a serious, mature relationship, don’t play games. If you like someone, message them, and don’t make them wait days before you reply – otherwise they might find someone else!


2. Avoid Uploading Sexy Snaps If You Are Looking For A Serious Relationship

Sexy snaps are a great way to get attention, but it could make it seem like you are looking for a casual relationship rather than a serious one.


3. Don’t Fall In Lust With A Photo

Photos and videos are a great way to work out if you are attracted to someone, but remember that a photo is just one millisecond in time. So they could look much better (or much worse) in person!


4. If You Aren’t Interested, Say So

If you match with someone and decide you don’t like them, send them a message saying you’re not interested. This means that they won’t waste any more time messaging you when they could be looking for someone else.


5. Arrange An E-Date (Or Stop Talking)

Email conversations can drag on for weeks, but if you really like someone you should arrange an e-date to find out if the attraction is really there. So set up a Skype or FaceTime chat to see!


6. Remember That Some Dates Might Not Work Out

Much like real life dating, online dating doesn’t always work out. This can make you lose faith, but remind yourself that that this is totally normal. So keep being proactive and positive about your dating life, and eventually you will find someone who is perfect for you.


7. Don’t Expect Too Much From The First E-Date

First dates are just a chance to get to know each other better, so don’t expect to find the love of your life; instead just focus on having a nice conversation with someone you find interesting.


8. Don’t Wait For Someone To Chase You

If you want a serious, mature relationship you shouldn’t expect the other person to chase you.


9. Get In Touch After The E-Date

If you have a great e-date with someone and you want to let them know, drop them a message! This will show your date that you are interested in them, so they are more likely to ask you on another date.


10. Don’t Let Anyone Pressure You

Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything sexual if you don’t feel comfortable (but of course if you do feel comfortable, go ahead!).

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