10 Easy Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow

10 Easy Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow


The rules for dating are constantly changing. Every generation has a totally different experience of dating – just ask your parents!

Because the rules are always changing, it is important to set your own dating ground rules. These rules will make dating fun, and they increase your chances of finding the perfect partner.

Here are 10 easy dating rules everyone should follow.


1. 10 Easy Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow: Don’t Make A Decision Until You’ve Spent At Least 15 Minutes With Your Date

Some people decide immediately that they aren’t attracted to their date, but then they change their minds after talking to them for a while. Don’t make a decision about your date until you’ve spent at least 15 minutes with them. This will give you time to build up a proper opinion of the person you are with.


2. Don’t Focus On Self-Pity

No-one wants to date someone who complains about themselves all of the time. Let go of the self-defeating thoughts that hold you back, and focus on the things that you like about yourself. People will enjoy your company much more once you’ve realized how great you actually are!


3. Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

If you aren’t attracted to your date, tell them. If you don’t want to go on a second date, tell them. You don’t get anything out of being dishonest, and neither does your date.


4. Follow Up If You Are Interested

If you enjoyed your date and you want to meet up with them again, make sure to let them know. In the past women expected to be pursued by their date, but modern dating rules are different. Now everyone is expected to make their interest clear, so give your date a call if you want a second date!


5. Read Between The Lines When You’re Chatting To Someone Online

Today online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet someone, but it can be difficult to navigate. Some people join dating sites to talk to lots of people, but they don’t plan on meeting anyone. Others join with the intention of talking to one person, then meeting them and starting a serious relationship.

Remember that the person you are talking to may have different desires to you, and it is important that you are both clear about what you want.


6. Over The Phone Is Better Than Texting

There are lots of ways to contact your date, from texting to Snapchat to Whatsapp – but according to a recent survey, 80% of singles would prefer to talk over the phone.


7. Baggage Is For The Relationship

Everyone has a past, and most of us have some baggage. As your relationship develops, both of you will start to talk more about each other’s baggage, but it shouldn’t be brought up when you first start dating. Deep emotional issues are for people who know each other well, not people who have just met.


8. Introduce Your Date To Your Friends

If you and your date are getting along well, consider introducing them to your friends. Friends like to be kept in the loop, and it is a great way to show your date that you have genuine feelings for them.


9. Add Them On Facebook If You Want To

Social media can be a real crisis for single people, but it doesn’t need to be. If you have gone on a few dates with someone and you feel like it is going well, feel free to add them on Facebook. However, don’t do it before the first date – if it goes badly, you might feel a little awkward deleting them.


10. Don’t Start Dating Until You’re Ready

Lots of people feel like they should be dating because they are single, but this isn’t the case. If you have just got out of a relationship, you should spend some time moving on before you start dating again, or you may end up in a rebound relationship.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson